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Therapeutic Hot-Pad's

We designed these reusable heat packs into 6 different sizes. The smallest of the group is the Mini-Sport Pad, then the Hand-Pad, Arm-Pad, Back-Pad, Shoulder-Pad and the Seat-Pad. They all can get up to 129 degrees and are 100% reusable.

Promotional Hot-Pad's

Hot-Pad is a great promotional item to promote your business or organization. Our products have been custom imprinted for Ski Resorts, Baseball Teams, Hockey Clubs, and a number of other companies. Our customers are all from different industries such as Sporting Good Stores, Mountain Climbers Supplies & Clubs and Security Guard Companies.

advantages of hot-pad


of Hot-Pad

  • • Heats Instantly (up to 129 degrees)
  • • Safe and Non-Toxic
  • • No preparation needed
  • • Excellent stress relief
  • • Re-usable hundreds of times
  • • Cools down- safe to sleep on
  • • Contains a safe food grade salt
  • • Non electric – no risk of getting shocked
  • • Therapeutic for aches and pains
  • • Doesn't require external heat to use
  • • Completely portable - use it anytime & anywhere
  • • Great for sports, camping, fishing & the outdoors

About Hot-Pad

Hot-Pad provides quick, convenient and reusable heat. Unlike many other heating products, Hot-Pad does not require the use of electricity or batteries, making it completely portable and maintenance free. Activating the patented "Trigger Stick" starts the heat reaction of pure water and food-grade sodium acetate (a form of table salt).

Hot-Pad is a safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They are perfect for recreational or professional sports and activities, as well as medical and therapeutic use, or simply to keep warm. Hot-Pad gives you the freedom to enjoy the benefits of heat therapy anytime and anywhere.


Starter Kit

Getting started as a Hot-Pad Distributor couldn't be easier. Our distributor kits include everything you need to start your business including sample products and promotional materials.

Hot-Pad Starter Kit

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